Felted Soap - Arthropod Apothecary

Felted Soap


Hand felted soap removes the need for a washcloth. Just lather up under water and it is washcloth and soap in one. After the soap has all dissolved away you can place a few drops of essential oil and place in drawers to keep them fresh!

If there is a specific soap color combination you would like send us an email and we can try to accommodate if it is still in stock.

Scent: various scents

Fun Fact: Did you know that alfalfa has to be pollinated by an insect to germinate?? For us to get alfalfa seeds we need insects. Most livestock eat alfalfa as their main protein source. So our wool used in felted soap is brought to us in part because insects pollinate the alfalfa sheep eat!  Have you thanked your local pollinator lately? They do an awful lot for us for free!