Does your soap have real bugs in them?

No, All our soap is inspired by a group of arthropods or a single species of arthropod. Some of our kids soap has a toy bug embedded in it. Our ingredients are food grade and organic when possible.

Why bugs and soap?

Arthropods save us $117BILLION a year in services they provide us! We would not be able to survive very long if we did not have arthropods on planet Earth. Most people are scared or dislike bugs mostly because they don't know how awesome they are! Arthropod Apothecary wants to show the world how amazing arthropods are!

Why do you love bugs so much?

I grew up loving nature. I was always outside playing with nature; to this day it relaxes me to be outside! When I was in graduate school I started working on an endangered beetle the American Burying Beetle and the love for insects never stopped. I have been involved in arthropod outreach ever since! Seeing kids and adult eyes light up when they learn something really cool (which is everything buggy, makes my job easy) is priceless. Now my laundry room is loaded with arthropods so I can bring them to outreach events!