Arthropod Information

What do arthropods have to do with soap?

Insects pollinate things like apricot trees, olive trees, and avocado trees to produce seeds. Oils come from seeds and that is what we make our soaps out of!

If the tree does not get pollinated we do not get the fruit or the seed! So not only do we need insects as pollinators for our food we also need them for our soap!

There are more species of arthropods (spiders, insects, and their relatives) than all other plant and animal groups combined! To put it simply, we need them to survive on Earth! They provide us with 117 billion dollars in services every year, from pollination to making great soil for plants, to eating pest insects!
Here is a short video on the importance of insects!

There are more insect species on the planet than any other living organism. Below is what is called a species-scape. It shows number of described species in groups like insects, mammals (humans are included in this group), plants, and other groups! Can you find the elephant that represents mammals? Notice how HUGE the insects are that are represented by the beetle. They out species other groups by a long shot! Here is a link to more info on species-scapes if you are interested. It includes the original with a key to all the groups.
The species-scape is by Quentin Wheeler and Frances Fawcett and later put in color by Helen Schwencke.

 What is an Arthropod??

Remember that Arthropoda is an entire phylum of animals.

There are three characters that make an arthropod an arthropod!

What is an arthropod?

 There are four living groups of Arthropods.

Arthropod Subphylums

 What makes an insect an insect???

Insect characters

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