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pam and kendra

Pam Bolin, John Abbott and Kendra Abbott at Machu Picchu

Kendra Abbott and Pam Bolin are a  mother-daughter soap making team. Pam has a background in kinesiology and health promotion. After her husband had two bouts of cancer she focused on making sure what they put in and on their bodies was as healthy as it could be. Most bars of "soap" that you buy in the grocery store are not soap but a detergent (check your soap bar it does not say soap anywhere!).

Kendra is an ecologist and studied endangered animals around the world. She has a love for all things nature but especially arthropods. She has been doing arthropod outreach since 2006 and letting kids hold different spiders and insects so the fear is gone and only the wonder and amazement is left. She is also known for some of her insect food recipes! In Austin, Texas she was asked to do outreach events all year round. These were done free of charge and she wanted a way to bring in money so that she could continue to do arthropod outreach to the community. She has found that so many people don't know how beneficial insects are to their daily lives, and that it can help girls and other children feel more confident in STEM subjects. One of the reasons she wanted to start an outreach soap business is so she can continue to do arthropod outreach and have a product that helps fund these events. This also allows them the freedom to go to low income schools that can't afford to bus children to outside events. Everyone should have the pleasure of interacting and learning about the wonderful life of arthropods! So she has joined up with her mom to not only make an amazing REAL soap but to educate people on where their soap comes from...INSECTS!

All our pictures on the site and on our packaging comes from Abbott Nature Photography, a business owned by Kendra and John Abbott!. Check it out if want even more bug pics in your life!

We want to not only offer you great natural soap (not a detergent like in your stores) but also give you information on the wonderful world of Arthropods!