About our products

We use food grade ingredients in our soaps and use organics wherever possible. We NEVER use palm oil because we have seen first hand how devastating it is to the environment and communities around the world. There is more harm done to the environment from palm than just to the orangutan. When companies come in and plant palm nothing can grow and survive under and around so ALL the diversity suffers. Local communities suffer because ecotourism also drops in those areas because wildlife is gone.

Most of our soaps are vegan. The only soaps that are not vegan are our honey soaps and our soap scrub also has beeswax in it!

All our pictures are from Abbott Nature Photography! A business owned by Kendra and John Abbott. We have a passion for bugs!

We are also members of the Handmade Soap and Cosmetic Guild, who keep members informed on regulation and standards in the field.

We want to make sure our soaps are the best for you and your family!


Handcrafted Soap and Cosmetic Guild