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Bugs and Soap???? Are you crazy...

Mom and I had been arguing about what to call a soap business for over two years. We both wanted to have a soap business that was educational, for kids and adults, on the importance of arthropods (animals with an exoskeleton, jointed legs and a segmented body; click here for more info). Many people are scared of bugs, but the reality is we could not exist without them (I'll get into this in later posts). They provide over $117 BILLION in services for us every year! Not to mention they pollinate the flowers that give us seeds, which is where the oil comes from to make soap! So soap and bugs seemed obvious to us! We could never settle on...

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We are currently writing our first post!

We are writing our first post on the crazy time we had getting Arthropod Apothecary up and running! Stay tuned and in the meantime, here is a picture of a really cool bug! This is a Broad-headed Sharpshooter (Oncometopia orbona)  

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