Valentines gift for your love bug!

Struggling with what to get your love bug for Valentines Day??? How about some bug soap?? What could be better for your nature lover than some nice relaxing, moisturizing soap? Our Back Yard Bug Soap celebrates lady bugs and other bugs in your back yard and comes in the traditional valentines color, red. You can even get it with a PortABug container to keep and identify your back yard bugs.

love bug soap back yard bug soap


We also have great gifts for Valentines Day for kids! Get them excited for spring with lightning bug soap!

lightning bug soap

Or how about our Stink Bug Farts Soap! Kids and adults love the toy bug embedded in the soap that comes with a fun fact card about the species in your soap!

You can get clean and get smart!

Stink Bug Farts


Looking for something for your spouse? How about some Buzzed Sudzz?? We have bug inspired soap with beer and bourbon! Which makes for a VERY smooth bar of soap.

Buzzed Sudzz Bourbon Soap

Buzzed Sudzz Beer and Honey Soap


How about a spa bar with Dead Sea salt and turmeric celebrating our jumping spiders in Salticid Sea Salt soap? Relax and refresh with an orange, bergamot scent in the shower.


No matter what your loved one is excited about in nature we have a soap for them!

AND we are offering a Valentines Day discount. Use code LOVE15 at checkout to get 15% off.


Hope you find lots of bugs in your back yard!