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My February Love story (buggy of course)!

My February love story is for a bug (of course). I have LOVED stalk-eyed flies ever since I saw them in a biology book as a child. How can something look so wild and still be able to move around, feed and mate? These obscure tiny critters have modified eyes that at the ends of long stalks on either side of the head. Note the tiny antennae on the end of these stalks as well. LOL, what funny, cool, amazing creatures. It always made me wonder what it would be like to have giant yardsticks coming off my head and how often would I run into stuff?? I never thought I would get a chance to see one in the...

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Luna Moths are Out in Force!

We have been black lighting at night in our back yard. If you are not familiar with black lighting, it is basically placing a really bright light bulb in front of a white sheet to attract all sorts of different insects. Well, at our house in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, we have started getting the beautiful and unmistakable luna moths arriving!! We got our first luna moth (Actias luna) about a week and a half ago. It was still getting pretty cold at night and this little guy was pretty cold in the morning so he let me gently pick him up and get a selfie with him! You have to be careful so you don't remove any of the scales on...

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Photographing bugs is just like photographing soap!

So how are we going to make bugs and soap work??? Well, you already know the answer to that, you stick toy bugs in your soap and it becomes soooo much fun at bath time! Before we started selling we had sent soap to folks with kids and the response was amazing!  Neko with a toy bug she got out of the Stink Bug Farts soap! Kids WANTED to use soap when they took a bath!!! And parents said,“Dude, whatever actually gets them to use soap is a miracle!" Another child was taking an unusually long bath with a new bar of Stink Bug Farts that was 2/3 gone. When asked why he was taking such a long bath he...

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