Stink Bug Farts - Best Stocking Stuffer

Stink Bug Farts Soap!

 Stink Bug Farts

Who wouldn’t want to take a bath with Stink Bug Farts?? No worries, it smells like a fruit salad! Although I do think that stink bugs smell like sour apple Jolly Ranchers. :)

This soap is fun and educational. Each bar comes with one of 14 different toy arthropods embedded in it. These vary from spiders to centipedes to praying mantids.


Carolina Mantid

Carolina Mantid fun facts


PLUS every bar comes with a collectable card providing fun natural history facts about the bug embedded in the soap. If you collect at least 10 cards, you can play different games like Name that Bug! This is a fun game where you try and identify more bugs than anyone else! You can find directions and a video on our website here.

Stink Bug Farts Soap

If that is not enough our handmade soap is very gentle, so much so, it could be considered a castile soap. So kids can take this soap in the tub and lather away until the bug comes out! We have found that kids love to use our soap so much, that they actually want to take a bath! It’s a win-win, clean and smart!

There is not a better stocking stuffer at Christmas than Stink Bug Farts!

Hope you find lots of bugs in your back yard!