Mother's Day

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It doesn't matter if you have fur babies, six or eight legged babies, or human babies you deserve to relax on Mother's Day! At Arthropod Apothecary we celebrate nature with gentle, moisturizing bug-themed soap to help you relax. We have two gift sets this year made special for you or the Mom in your life.

 Mother's Day gift Set

Mother’s Day Soap and Bath Bomb Set $30

Relax for Mother's Day with our hand picked favorites! This set comes with our Rain Beetle soap which is shea butter and nettle with a fresh rain scent. Our Clean Bee soap is made with shea and honey in a nice light vanilla scent and our Megaphabulous soap is made with hemp, avocado and honey with a crisp clean light pineapple scent. All of these soaps are mega moisturizing for your skin! Then we have added a Bumble Bee bath bomb and two shower fizzes to top off this box of relaxation!

 Mothers Day Bath Bomb gift

Mother’s Day Bath Bomb Gift Set $15

If you love our bath bombs then our Mother's Day gift set is for you! it comes with 2 Bumble Bee Bath Bombs, 2 Black-lighting Bath Bombs, and 4 Shower Fizzies. Fill your tub and float with relaxing oils, clays, epsom salt, and dried flowers. Your skin will never feel so good.


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Hope you find lots of bugs in your back yard,



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