Kentucky Derby Time!

Let's talk Derby


It's the most famous horse race in the world. It takes place at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky on the first Saturday in May (this year it is May 6th). It is THE event of the year if you are a Kentuckian, like me, everyone celebrates it in one form or another. The horses are talked about and watched for months before the race.  My favorite part is listening to all the stories about each horse and owner, and how they made it to the Derby.


Some may have pooled their money to buy that special horse or maybe one buys one dirt cheap and they find it's an overachiever. This makes the Derby come alive and exciting. But, the Derby is not the Derby without the famous Mint Julep. I have a favorite Mint Julep recipe and so you can celebrate with us this year, I'm going to share it with you!

 Mint Julep

Pam's Mint Julep

Simple syrup:

2 cups sugar
2 cups of water
Boil 5 minutes and allow to cool slightly.

Add: 6-8 sprigs of fresh cut mint. Gently bruise in your hand and put in the simple syrup from above and refrigerate over night.

Strain in the morning. 

The drink:

1 Tbls of mint simple syrup (I like 2)
2 oz. bourbon (Makers Mark is traditional, but I usually use Buffalo Trace)
Pour over crushed ice and serve with a sprig of mint ( I dust my sprigs with powdered sugar) and a straw.

Sip and enjoy the Derby.


Don’t forget to order our Mint Julep bourbon soap to go along with this fun day. It has all the same tradition as the drink, sweet mint scent in a smooth and creamy bourbon soap. Your skin will thank you! Pollinators will thank you for planting mint in your yard! There is not a bug out there that does not like mint flowers.

You are worth a good bar of soap,

Lexington, KY