Citizen Science and the International Congress on Entomology (ICE)

We just got back from ICE and of course had a blast! We got to see all of our buggy friends. We also heard talks from speakers all around the world on the cool stuff they are doing with arthropods! There were several sessions of talks that we really enjoyed, so the next few blogs will be about our adventures at ICE!!!

There was an entire session on citizen science! If you are not familiar with citizen science it is getting the general public involved in collecting data for a scientific purpose. There are many projects out there that do a great job and really appreciate all the help they are getting from you! It just so happens we have a soap for some of the major groups highlighted at ICE!!

Lady Beetle in Flight

First is the Lost Ladybug Project! This citizen science project is looking at changes in the lady bug species across the US. They need your help to collect data in your area. There are many ladybugs that have not been seen in a while and they hope you can help find them in your back yard!

Our soap, Backyard Bugs, not only gets you an AWESOME soap to use but also comes with a nice little pop up cage to keep bugs in so you can identify them AND an ID card with common back yard bugs! This is a perfect gift for any bug lover in your life!


Back Yard Bugs 

little yellow butterfly

The second is eButterfly! This citizen science project is collecting data on distribution, abundance and phenology of butterflies. Phenology refers to the seasons when you find something. With climate change we are seeing plants emerging much earlier than they used to and as a result the butterflies have no place to lay their eggs or food for the caterpillars! In nature timing is everything!

Butterfly Soap

Our butterfly soap is one of my favorite scents! It is a really nice tropical fruity smell AND has a giant blue butterfly embedded in the middle! This is a fun soap for any butterfly lover in your life! All our kids soaps, including this one, come with a fun fact card that includes a picture of the bug in the wild and information about the bug on the back.

Life Cycle Soap

Black Saddlebags Dragonfly

Last but certainly not least is the Migratory Dragonfly Partnership! This is one of the coolest projects because you can get in on helping scientist figure out why these guys migrate and where they go???? You will be able to tell your friends in the future that you helped scientist unravel the mystery of dragonfly migration.

Dragonfly Migration Soap

Our dragonfly migration soap even smells a bit like a dragonfly; fresh air with hints of citrus! It comes with a collectable fun fact card with all sorts of information on dragonflies. The soap itself is stamped with a dragonfly flying across the soap! If you know someone who loves dragonflies they will love this soap!

Next time I will share a bit about preparing for a bug cuisine (entomophagy) event we are doing at the Alabama Natural Museum of Natural History for Halloween! We learned TONS at ICE about the advances we have made in bug cuisine!

I hope you find lots of bugs in your back yard!
Till next time,


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